A hockey fan’s worst nightmare, NHL won’t go to 2018 Winter Olympics

NHL says NO!

The NHL has decided that they will not go to the 2018 Pyeongchang. Sports is not a topic I will write about normally, but as a sports fan, I have to voice my opinion. The Olympics has been a showcase of hockey for as long as I have been watching. I love watching Team Canada to do battle with the world watch them come out on top. It has become part of our culture and part of other hockey cultures. The long-standing rivalries between the top countries is always fantastic to watch. Russia, Sweden, the US and Canada have powerhouse teams with enough skill and speed to present huge entertainment value. Audiences all over the world should be able to witness this fantastic best-on-best tournament.

The NHL cannot manufacture the excitement of the Olympic Games

The NHL tried to mimic this feeling when they created the World Cup of Hockey. It is important to remember that the NHL profits from that tournament almost exclusively. I went to a World Cup Game and seeing all of my heroes in person was amazing. But the Olympics has a much richer tradition associated with it. The gold medals are more sought after than the (NHL created) World Cup. The history and prestige the Olympics has is truly unique. Players want to be in this tournament because, unsurprisingly, it means more to them than the World Cup of Hockey.

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5 reasons why Donald Trump thinks he is a dictator

1. He thinks that it is ok to demonize the media.

We all know the media has bias, but in America it is nothing short of pure propaganda. Obviously some writers have integrity, but they are far and few between. People do not want the real news and that is why “spin” and flat out lying is now common place. This is why Fox News exists (to learn more about Fox’s history, watch Anchorman 2).

News has to sell, so important information that people need to know is coming second to things they want to know. This phenomenon has created a chain reaction of news stories trending when they are not entirely true. And now these stories are being disseminated via the internet at astonishing rates.

However, that does not give anyone the right to demonize the media. Especially the leader of the most powerful state in the world. One of the most significant traits shared by most dictators is their hatred for genuine media. Trump is no different, he is a whiney man-child who cannot handle any criticism. He loves pointing his small hands at anyone who makes him uncomfortable.

I will admit that the media played right into Trump’s hands when they published that news story. The media is supposed to put democratic leaders under pressure and help keep them accountable. It does not mean that they should publish anything that makes a leader look bad. Regardless of their beef with Trump, it is important to maintain integrity and not stoop to his level.

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Robots will take over our streets, sooner than you think!

For car enthusiasts, there is no better feeling than when you become part of your machine. Shifting gears and exploding out of a corner fills you with adrenaline. You rely on your basic senses and instincts to push your car to the limit, but remain in control.

This control is a vital while navigating city streets. Great drivers remain aware of their surroundings and anticipate traffic. We notice texting, or drunk drivers and stay the hell out of their way. Robots may be able to analyze surroundings, but they can’t analyze human behaviour. They must not be allowed to replace human drivers on our roads.

Google’s robots hit the streets

Google wants level 4 autonomous cars taking over roads by 2020. Level 4 means there is no steering wheel, break pedal or gas pedal. In other words, no human control whatsoever.

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Climate change is going to ruin your family trip to Florida!

Every year, many Canadian children dread spending their March breaks visiting their grandparents down in Florida. Canadians love flocking down to Florida to spend their twilight years because when you’re over 65, American beers might get you drunk. When the Toronto Maple Leafs come to town, you can actually afford to take your grandkids to a game. You can even leave your trusty birdwatching binoculars behind.

But what happens when the region Canadians love to visit/retire is completely under water? Thats right, climate change is going to force your grandparents to return home.

This picture is from National Geographic and it shows what North America will look like once the glaciers melt. Massive coastal cities are going to be underwater and that includes Miami. Yet many individuals do not believe that this is happening or that the impacts will be so drastic.

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