Climate change is going to ruin your family trip to Florida!

Every year, many Canadian children dread spending their March breaks visiting their grandparents down in Florida. Canadians love flocking down to Florida to spend their twilight years because when you’re over 65, American beers might¬†get you drunk. When the Toronto Maple Leafs come to town, you can actually¬†afford to take your grandkids to a game. You can even leave your trusty birdwatching binoculars behind.

But what happens when the region Canadians love to visit/retire is completely under water? Thats right, climate change is going to force your grandparents to return home.

This picture is from National Geographic and it shows what North America will look like once the glaciers melt. Massive coastal cities are going to be underwater and that includes Miami. Yet many individuals do not believe that this is happening or that the impacts will be so drastic.

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