Climate change is going to ruin your family trip to Florida!

Every year, many Canadian children dread spending their March breaks visiting their grandparents down in Florida. Canadians love flocking down to Florida to spend their twilight years because when you’re over 65, American beers might get you drunk. When the Toronto Maple Leafs come to town, you can actually afford to take your grandkids to a game. You can even leave your trusty birdwatching binoculars behind.

But what happens when the region Canadians love to visit/retire is completely under water? Thats right, climate change is going to force your grandparents to return home.

This picture is from National Geographic and it shows what North America will look like once the glaciers melt. Massive coastal cities are going to be underwater and that includes Miami. Yet many individuals do not believe that this is happening or that the impacts will be so drastic.

In fact, the leader of the most powerful country in the world thinks that science is stupid and climate change is a hoax. We cannot really blame President Trump for his confusion, he is very old and missed out on watching Bill Nye the science guy. Bill Nye should remind Trump that just something is stuck to your head, that doesn’t make it hair.

Bill Nye is a scientist, so he knows climate change is real and he genuinely cares about our planet’s future.  Bill Nye would graciously give Trump a statement that “proves” his hair’s authenticity, in exchange for a statement that admits climate change is real.  Seems like a fair tradeoff to me, but unfortunately, Trump still believes that thing on his head is real hair.

Watch this video:

Wake up! climate change is no joke

Climate change is real, it is not a hoax and it is changing our planet. All our major cities are near, or directly on top of the water. If sea levels rise just one meter, millions of people will be displaced. New Orleans is already below sea level and all Southeastern States are becoming at risk for floods, especially closer to the coastline.

According to National Geographic, floods cause more damage and death than any other form of natural disaster. Exponential carbon emission growth is heating our planet, melting the glaciers and causing sea levels to rise. Still, the US emits more carbon per person than anywhere else on earth. How can floods be considered natural disasters? There are plenty of things we could do to stop them, yet we refuse. Being bystanders does not absolve us of guilt, we all share the blame.

We need to shift our attitudes about climate change. Many of us know that climate change is real and we just don’t care. It is time to stop being passive. Just because you like Facebook posts and share climate awareness videos does not mean you care about the environment. Your actions show that you care, even if other people don’t see. Simple things you can do: ride your bike from time to time, stop drinking water out of plastic bottles and actually call someone out when they try and discount the negative affects of climate change.

Human beings have the power to influence our peers through our own actions and choices. Lets start making the right choices so it rubs off on others. Do not let yourself be influenced by climate deniers, start changing your behaviour and you will have a positive impact on your social circle.
Now, there is only one question left to answer…






2 thoughts on “Climate change is going to ruin your family trip to Florida!

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  1. Don’t get me started with this subject. I have been devoted to climate change for the past 8 years. I have come to the conclusion that we are going down. Nobody wants to change… travel is the biggest thing that North Americans need to stop doing. BUT.. THEY ARE ADDICTED TO THE CANDY….

    Do you know that life disappeared 2 other times in the past.. and then came back again?

    It gives me a bit of solace to think that we could re-appear sometime in the future… because the grandchildren of our children… are going to experience fire, famine and food and water shortage…
    too bad everyone NEEDS TO EAT THE CANDY!

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  2. Having just returned from a 2 week vacation in Miami Beach, which is already struggling keeping with rising waters, your article hits home. South Beach has been raising roads and sidewalks as many areas are flooding with just a little rain. They have been battling this for years and are spending huge sums of money and have no answer. Yet they are building like crazy. Here in Chicago our neighborhood strives to be diligent with recycling, composting, planting trees along with other programs. My partner and I have an electric Nissan Leaf and a Lexus hybrid. Our recycling bin always has more stuff than our rubbish can. Thank you for helping to wake others up.

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