5 reasons why Donald Trump thinks he is a dictator

1. He thinks that it is ok to demonize the media.

We all know the media has bias, but in America it is nothing short of pure propaganda. Obviously some writers have integrity, but they are far and few between. People do not want the real news and that is why “spin” and flat out lying is now common place. This is why Fox News exists (to learn more about Fox’s history, watch Anchorman 2).

News has to sell, so important information that people need to know is coming second to things they want to know. This phenomenon has created a chain reaction of news stories trending when they are not entirely true. And now these stories are being disseminated via the internet at astonishing rates.

However, that does not give anyone the right to demonize the media. Especially the leader of the most powerful state in the world. One of the most significant traits shared by most dictators is their hatred for genuine media. Trump is no different, he is a whiney man-child who cannot handle any criticism. He loves pointing his small hands at anyone who makes him uncomfortable.

I will admit that the media played right into Trump’s hands when they published that news story. The media is supposed to put democratic leaders under pressure and help keep them accountable. It does not mean that they should publish anything that makes a leader look bad. Regardless of their beef with Trump, it is important to maintain integrity and not stoop to his level.

2. Trump thinks executive orders allow him to do anything he wants

Executive orders are not meant to make every decisions. There are checks and balances for a reason. The Supreme Court can rule on an executive order and deem it illegal. Congress can also refuse to fund it, or if it is really crazy, they can vote it down. Trump’s veto can also be overridden by a 2/3 majority vote in Congress. Trump may well try to do something so ridiculous that Republicans and Democrats might actually vote against it together.

3. He believes that mercantilism is a good idea.

Neoliberalism and free market economies are every rich man’s wet dream. It means the country’s borders are relatively open so that multinational corporations can make products in other countries, which have low wages and porous health and safety standards. (Walmart does this better than any other company.)

But Trump wants to lock up the US’s border both figuratively, with his trade policies and literally, with his walls. He has no idea that building a 30 foot wall will only create a massive black market for 31 foot ladders.

Mercantilist theory has a closed border perspective. It argues that a state should close its borders and become economically self reliant. You should only export goods to create a trade surplus and produce everything else you need within your borders. The globalized economy has made this theory obsolete because economies are so interconnected. The bottom line is that trade negotiations are not as simple as Trump seems to think. Closing the US’s borders will be a significant challenge.

The irony here is that China is one of only mercantilist states left. We have all heard Trump bashing China on multiple occasions, saying that China is a threat to America. But sometimes he says he loves China, or he travels to China or they love him in China (see video). When you watch that video it becomes clear that Trump is obsessed with China. Perhaps he idolizes their ways of doing business. Is that really what the American people want? I guess the jobs Trump is bringing back are sweat shop labour jobs. Maybe Trump actually meant that he was going to put the American children back to work, not adults.

4. He thinks that Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is doing a “great job”

Egypt is a massive human rights violator and Abdel Fatteh el-Sisi is the man behind the violations. Trump literally said that Abdel is doing a great job. You are right Trump! Abdel is doing a great job limiting freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful protest. He is doing a great job persecuting individuals who oppose his regime.  Oh wait, Trump wants to do those things as well. Abdel is Trump’s hero, makes sense. Trump has already tried to snuggle up to vicious dictators.  Trump has been chatting up Putin since before he was even elected and he believes he could become close friends with the Russian dictator. Unfortunately, this is not fake news.

5. He filled his cabinet with insanely rich people 

If that is not a warning sign, I don’t know what is. $4.5 billion seems like a reasonable number right? To put that in perspective, George W. Bush, yes that guy, had a Cabinet worth $250 million. See the problem? Why would a man that claims to be on the same side as working class Americans fill his Cabinet with so much money? Because he doesn’t give a s*** about the working class, he never did.

Trump is a conman he conned all of America. Which does not surprise me at all. At best Trump is a demagogue, at worst he is a want-to-be dictator. These things should genuinely scare you if you are in the US. There are so many other examples of his sinister tendencies, like his racist travel ban.

He is President of the most powerful country in the world and he does not believe in science. He is taking away funding for all environmental protection that Obama worked so hard to create. Still believe Trump is qualified? Still believe he is going to make American great again?

It is blatantly obvious that Trump wants the rich to be richer and he wants to do it at the expense of the planet.  Trump is old and will be dead when reality of his insane choices bear down on the country he left behind. These choices have impacts on the entire world.

America claims to be the “example” for the rest of the world and now has a screaming toddler for a leader. We all know how toddlers get when they don’t get their way… We get it, Americans don’t like to admit that they were wrong or that they got tricked. It has happened before and it will happen again, but you can rectify it. Wait for him to really screw up and impeach him. Remember, you impeached a guy for lying about a blowjob… Trump lies every time he opens his mouth.



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