Who I am

Who I am and what I am passionate about

In October 2016, I earned a BA Honours Political Science with Legal Studies option from Wilfred Laurier University. Now I am studying Government Relations at Seneca. This program will help me create distinction from my peers and develop new skills. My main objective is to develop effective communication through  writing techniques. My long-term career goal will depend on my ability to write correctly, concisely and persuasively.

Ideally, I would like to work for any political actor, NGO, or social movement that advocates for environmental protection or renewable energy investment. I am strictly non-partisan because I believe that specific objectives should be accomplished through teamwork. Our planet is already experiencing dramatic weather changes because of exponential increases of CO2 emissions. It will take multiple interest groups working together to cause real change. Partisanship needs to be put aside so we can accomplish environmental goals. I want to refine my communication skills to help sway public opinion and force our elected officials to act.

My passion for nature and the environment is derived from my family values. I spent my childhood just outside of Dallas, Texas. In Texas, nearly all my free time was spent outside exploring. My parents made it a priority for us to go camping and traveling across most of the United States and Canada. At age 19, I left university to explore New Zealand, Indonesia, and Australia on my own. I developed a greater love and appreciation for diversity on land and in the ocean while travelling. I want to become an environmental activist to help us change out behaviour and reduce the negative impacts we have on our planet. We need to become informed and change our attitudes towards climate change and carbon emission reduction.


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